StoryToBoard is a small focused team producing a range of work from fast action shooting boards to high end photoreal boards. We also do everything in between. To modestly humblebrag our accolades include having worked on hundreds of commercials, dozens of music videos, short films, animatics as well as multiple Super Bowl spots, international campaigns and Golden Globe winning shows.

We love a challenge so feel free to throw us a creative curveball and we can crack down and find a solution.


Bryan DeLoach

Always drawing, Bryan specializes in shooting boards and high action work. An ADG union member he also produces a wide range of color work making him an all-rounder who brings the goods.


Erica Stephens

A long time painter and animator, Erica specializes in high end advertising boards, animatics and digital concept art. Detail and vibrant color is her game.  

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Recent Clients + Projects

Apple, Ford, Toyota, FX's Atlanta, ABC's Speechless, Honda, Target, Disney, Nike, Puma, Hyundai, Snapple, FX's Better Things, Jack In The Box, Pokemon, Arco, Nissan, Miller Lite, Dole, Skinny Cow, Butterfinger, SweetTarts, Netflix, OurTime, Microsoft Surface, Broadband Choice, NFL, Disney Parks, Crocs, Samsung, BGO Casinos, L&M, Camel, Invokana, Living Social, Statefarm, Now U, Froot Loops